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Clueless Mom Rule #4567- Dealing with Dinnertime Blues

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh
I used to joke that M didn't have taste buds.  This little dude ate anything you put in front of him.  It was awesome.  I mean its a mother's dream to have a "good eater".  No matter what I cooked, he ate. 
His favorites right now - spinach and ham, mushrooms, tomatoes with salt and pepper.  Sounds pretty sophisticated, right?  Not that many toddlers are searching their pizza  picking out the mushrooms to eat them
But my little dude does, and then asks for more.
Some time after turning two though, his brain chemistry got a little wonky, yes that's a technical term off balanced, and mealtime became a battleground. I haven't yet decided which one of us is the ork and which one is in the Fellowship of the Ring, either way, its still epic.  I have tried everything from feeding him myself, knowing he is fully capable of doing it but just not wanting to deal with it, to a rewards chart which has become hit or miss. 
It's almost a knee jerk reaction now.  As soon as he sees the dinner plate he just goes bonkers and immediately starts screaming and crying, "I don't like my dinner."
You haven't even picked up the fork. Heck, I didn't even tell you what it is yet. Are you psychic? I mean really, how can you possibly tell you don't like it.  I know.  You can't.  Typical "button pusher" mentality.
I guess its a control thing, you want to assert your independence, and show you can make decisions for yourse...
blah blah blah. 
Not interested. 
This is not about your independence.  Its about my dominance, dern it, cause I am the deciderer.  I made good food.  It's healthy, contains all the major food groups, and that's what I cooked, so you're eating it. 
When I have more than 30 minutes to prepare a meal for you, then we can discuss your desires and tastes.  Until then, bon appetit. 

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