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By Ashleylister @ashleylister
   My friend Don likes clouds. He spends his time looking out the window and seeing shapes in them. When I phone him he inevitably mentions 'clouds'. When I'm driving he points them out ( I can't look I just agree ). Many of us look up and see other things - it's a relaxing pastime. I photograph them when I'm out walking. I keep a weather eye on them too as they predict a likely outcome. However I don't know the technical names for all the different types ( that would be an interesting lesson ).
  Clouds feature in many sayings " Every cloud has a silver lining ", " Red sky at night, shepherd's delight "( not strictly clouds ). A sunset or sunrise is made possible by cloud formations...a clear sky seldom gives that reflected color that spreads across the sky without clouds.
  My niece in Canada often posts cloud photos and these always look like something...a fish, a car, a child, an angel. So she too must be a cloud watcher.
  Now there's something to put in your CV.....Cloud Watcher....
The photo I took whilst walking from Tarnbrook to the Hornby ( Roman ) road. My poem this week is one from the archives and probably written round about 1966.
Night Descends
10.30, But it is still light. Even at this time it's still daylight. A few clouds are clustered in the west; A lonely seagull flies that way - home to rest.
Children are called in and say their goodbyes. All is quiet except for the hum of flies. A night breeze is making the sky a sea - A sea with islands of clouds, just for me.
But as the sun sinks slowly behind the hill, I think, I meditate upon the still, The still of the earth, the peace, the goodwill. But hark ! the cry of an oyster-catcher the silence doth kill .
Thanks for reading, Kath.
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