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Cloud Warriors Fighting Artificial War?

Posted on the 29 March 2013 by Adask

The Matrix

The Matrix (Photo credit: hensever)

A persistent theme on this blog is the hypothesis that “they” (the rulers/elitists/treasonous-whores-in-the-cathouse-on-the-Potomac) have created an artificial reality (“this state”) to supplant the reality of “The State” (of the Union).  Under this hypothesis, “this state” (“OREGON”) is deemed to be a fictional territory while “The State” (“The State of Oregon”) is deemed be an actual member-State of the perpetual Union styled “The United States of America”.

It’s my belief that, insofar as we are presumed by government to have traversed from “The State” into “this state,” we are also presumed to have voluntarily surrendered most of our rights and our standing as one of the people and beneficiaries of our state and federal constitutions.  Within “The State,” We the People are the sovereigns.  Within the territory of “this state,” Congress is the sovereign as per Article 4.3.2 of The Constitution of the United States (A.D. 1788)–and We the People are reduced to the status of subjects (at best).

This hypothesis undoubtedly seems to be bizarre to most people and too fantastic to be true.  They might be right.

But I remain obsessed by the hypothesis and can’t seem to bring myself to doubt its general veracity.

So, it occurred to me today, that if the Powers That Be have actually created an alternative, fictional “reality” of “this state” for us to inhabit, then it shouldn’t be surprising if we also have fictional wars.

The idea of fictional warfare sounds absurd–at least at first.

But the news media is abuzz with stories about the “cyber-warfare” that’s currently being waged between nations like China and the US.  This cyber-warfare is being at least partially waged in the “cloud” of computer data that now occupies “cyber-space”.

So, knowing that such questions might raise doubts about my sanity, I still ask:   Is the cyber-warfare fought in the computer “cloud” an expression of an artificial war being fought between two or more fictional “territories”?

(For my next question, I will ask “How many angels can do the booga-loo on the head of a pin?”)

In fact, I don’t expect that the answer to my question about “cyber-warfare” taking place within the fictional territory and/or cyber-space “cloud” will necessarily be Yes.

Still, the parallel between the “The State/this state” hypothesis concerning an artificial territory and cyber-warfare with the “cloud” strikes me as too intriguing to ignore.

Cyber-warfare (even it takes place in quasi-fictional realm of “cyber-space”) is intended to affect an adversary’s physical reality.  With the adept use of some computer keyboard strokes in the US, the “cloud warriors” might be able to cause a coal-based generator to burst into flames in Beijing.  Likewise, affecting the physical reality of a hacker in China by bombing him and his computer, might prevent him from initiating a program that could cause havoc in America’s computer “cloud”.

Therefore, it seems a little crazy and a little bit possible to suppose that, within “cyber-space,” the fictional “this state” seems relevant to physical reality, and physical reality is likewise relative to the fictional territory of “this state”.

Is “cyber-space” a “place,” a gray area, where both the actual (The State) and the fictional (this state) “realities” can co-exist to some degree?

(Or is it more likely that I’m merely in need of a “tune-up” from my shrink?)

So, whatcha think?

Is a proposed association between “this state” and cyber-space completely ridiculous?  Or the idea sufficiently fascinating to be at least partially true?  Are the cyber-wars waged in cyber-space manifestations of artificial war between two fictional entities?

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