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Cloud Catching in the Kimberley

By Flemmingbo

kimberley-montgomery reef storm Sometimes I look at the clouds and knowing the science behind the saturated air, I still must wonder like a young child: Where are they made? And how does Mother Nature make them so effortlessly beautiful? The Kimberley in Western Australia in the wet season was like a secret gathering of cloud-creator gods. Every day provided us with new artful and beautiful creations and I present a few for you fellow cloud appreciators.

The first image is a great rain cloud at Montgomery reef. The following image are of clouds at the St. George Basin, masterfully painted onto the sky:

kimberley-st-george basin clouds

We sailed straight into this amazing storm at Prince Frederick Harbour (David, what is the story here, that is a strange name for a river!). My storm image is nothing compared to what it should be. My favourite is David’s version seen here. There is a reason why I missed out, Mark and Dave captured the epicness and claim they could not find me. Thanks to my fellow members of Epicness Inc for NOT getting me while the best storm of the whole trip was happening right in front of us. I was sitting right in the middle of the dining room having lunch, looking like my good self, no make-up or anything. My dear thanks to the awesome Bryony (boss-girl!) for alerting me and telling me to get up to the bow! No David, I shall not forget this anytime soon


kimberley-prince frederick harbour storm cloud

Finally, a beautiful cloud from sunset at Mitchell River:

kimberley mitchell river clouds

Cloud Appreciation Forever.

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