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Closet Confidential

By Cleskowitz @cleskowitz

Closet Confidential
                         Out of Clutter find Simplicity
                         From Discord find harmony
                         In the middle if difficulty lies opportunity
                                                                             ~Albert Einstein
Spring cleaning is taking on a new meaning.  Many are taking to their closets, drawers, bathrooms and playrooms. With all this isolation and uncertainty, we can find places within our home and within ourselves to find solace.
For many, closets seem to be nothing more than a place for our clothes to hang out in. But, it is so much more.  With fear and a sense of chaos palpable in the world right now, taking control of what we have control over helps us organize our thoughts and ease our mind.  We can take control of our closets can't we?
When our closet is organized, our mind feels organized.  I know when I walk into my closet and it is exactly the way I like it; color coordinated light to dark, neat and catagorized by style, it definately creates a sense of contentment and joy.  Sometimes it's the smallest things that can provide us with a reassuring sense of  serenity
BUT, the closet clean out can take a circuitous turn when we become aware of the thoughts and emotions that are living amongst our things that tell our story.  It's not enough to just organize our belongings, we have to dig a little deeper to excavate possible limiting beliefs that nmight be lurking.
When you attempt a closet clean out keep this in mind ~
When you can't let go off something, ask yourself why am I holding on to this?  What is the meaning of this shirt, jacket, sweater, etc.  Does it represent a time or place that holds some type of memory?  Does it cause you to link the article of clothing with another person or place?  Clothes can imprint memories on you.  Like a song that comes on the radio  (radio, who hads a radio anymore, but streaming service didn't sound  as nostalgic) it can take you right back to amoment in time, clothes have that power too.  Sometimes that will derail us when we are trying to purge.  Purging a memory is harder than a piece of clothing.  You have to question the thoughts you are having.
How does this article of clothing make me feel?
Does this article of clothing epresent something that makes me feel good or bad?
How well does it fit?
Do I feel like I look my best in it?
Do I love myself in it?
When was the last time I wore it?
Do I attach a person, place or thing to it?
Does it represent my life in the now?
Can I step into this as my most authentic self in the future?
If any of these answers are more negative than positive - purge it.
We all know how to declutter, but sometimes we just don't, for a multitude of reasons.  Like we all know how to diet but out psych gets in our way.  I  am always interested in getting to the root of a behavior.  It can show you something about yourself.  Maybe an area in your life that you could work on. Any area that is not serving your highest needs is "food for thought."   Awareness leads to change and if living your best life is the goal, this is an easy way to question what is.
If our closet was, metaphorically , a vessel for our soul, what would we allow in???
Edit ruthlessly
1 thing in, 1 thing out
Keep catagories together
Take emotion out of it.
If a girlfriend was asking you if it should stay or go - what would you say?
Everything should make you feel like the best version of yourself, even in sweats!
It's a makeover for your closet and your spirit.  That's a win/win!

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