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Clipping Your Wings

Posted on the 12 May 2011 by Pelski
Clipping Your Wings
The Panda flew and these boys shot him down. It's no easy feat to bag and tag a Panda of such notoriety, and it's another thing to clip his wings. So they gave this Panda a fresh lesson in down trodden bass music, and since then, this Panda's high five - get low handshake has never been the same. The remix was constructed by the HiLo LoHi boys, a project consisting of Anthony from God Don't Like It, and new comer Oliver Price. Catch these boys playing with bass music star XXXY at The nest on the 27th of May.
My Panda Shall Fly - Yoyo HiLo LoHi Remix
LetKolben is the first free release from the self branded 'psychedelic' label Kommunikation Records. The translation of LetKolben in German is 'Soldering Iron', which may bear reference to the careful adjoining of sonic circuitry in his productions. In 2006 LetKolben became fully immersed in the world of house and techno, becoming renowned for his diverse selection of tunes plucked from his record bag. Check out 'He Hit Me' on his soundcloud, his next up and coming release.
LetKolben - Abus

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