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Clinton Announces Plan to Battle Alzheimer’s

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Wish she had cared this much about the health of Stevens, Smith, Doherty and Woods.


Alzheimer’s was first diagnosed in 1901. As of 2014, the safety and efficacy of more than 400 pharmaceutical treatments had been or were being investigated in over 1,500 clinical trials worldwide. And Hillary is going to find a cure!

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton announced a slate of proposals to battle Alzheimer’s disease and seek a cure by 2025, including an increase in funding for research on the disease and related disorders. Clinton called for a decade-long investment of $2 billion per year for research, which her campaign called a fourfold increase over last year’s $586 million.

Because we’re all waiting for the government to find a cure, Hillary said, “We owe it to the millions of families who stay up at night worrying about their loved ones afflicted by this terrible disease and facing the hard reality of the long goodbye to make research investments that will prevent, effectively treat and make a cure possible by 2025.”

On a conference call with reporters, a researcher, Rudolph Tanzi of Harvard Medical School, also detailed the recent progress in medical research that has improved the chances for finding treatment or even a cure. “Our single bottleneck has been funding,” he said, calling his area of research a “budget-constrained, not a knowledge-constrained field.” The $2 billion also could include research on related dementias and pathologies, Tanzi said.

Clinton’s proposed level of funding “would be a tremendous boost for our nationwide efforts to overcome Alzheimer’s disease,” said Robert Egge, executive director of the advocacy organization Alzheimer’s Impact Movement. Egge, who is also an executive with the Alzheimer’s Association, talked to Reuters after speaking on the Clinton campaign conference call. While neither the association nor AIM advised the campaign on this proposal, Egge said, the association did provide the campaign with an educational briefing on Alzheimer’s disease.


Why didn’t she just go for the whole enchilada and promise to find a cure for cancer as well?


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