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Clinique Deep Comfort

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
Clinique have recently launched their 'deep comfort' range which includes a hand cream, a body butter and a body oil. I was lucky enough to have been sent these to try out and so thought I'd share my thoughts.
Clinique Deep Comfort Clinique Deep Comfort Clinique Deep Comfort Clinique are 100% fragrance free. So if you have sensitive skin, eczema or psoriasis, these are definitely less likely to cause irritation than other fragranced products.
The Body Butter comes in a huuuuge tub. The product itself feels rich but not heavy on the skin. I remember being obsessed with The Body Shop body butters but could never wear them because they sat so heavily on my skin but the deep comfort body butter is a whole different ball game. I'd definitely recommend this for rougher skin areas like elbows, knees and ankles.
As you probably know if you watch my vlogs ( you will have heard me say that my nails are 100% jiggered. If you're not Scottish and don't know what that means, it basically means my nails have seen better days and are in a bad state. So, when the deep comfort hand cream came popping on through my door I was all too happy to give it a go. This is definitely nourishing, conditioning and hydrating, but I haven't noticed any strength in my nails from it yet. My cuticles look hugely better and the skin that was rough from having ripped my nails with false nails (yes, ouch!) is much softer and looks in better nick.
Finally moving onto the Clinique Deep Comfort Body Oil. I'm not a lover of a body oil or oils in general. If I can feel any sort of oil on my skin, I'll want to scratch it off instantly. I actually don't hate this. I think because this is in a spray form, it doesn't feel as concentrated on my skin, whereas a pippette would. I'm not sure I'd use this on a regular basis, but it definitely does what it claims to. I just have a loathsome relationship with Oils for some reason.
Overall, I'd say the range is pretty good. It's definitely more intense than their everyday comfort ranges which is ideal for those of us who's skin is in dire need of some TLC.
Have you tried the range out? let me know!
H x

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