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Clean Out Your Purse

By Thelawsoffashion

Women’s purses today often serve a multitude of purposes. In addition to personal items like wallets and phones, purses often store cosmetics, an extra pair of shoes, laptops, ipads, work items, lunch or food, toys, diapers, an extra bottle, water bottles, workout clothes, etc. With all of these items in our bags, it’s no wonder most women lug giant bags around, or even worse, have back problems.

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Make it a point to clean out your purse at least twice a week if you can. Get rid of items that you don’t absolutely need or use every day. If you are able to divide items up into different bags so you don’t have to carry everything all the time, this will be a great relief to your shoulder, neck and back.

For example, I cleaned out my purse and purchased an additional tote that I take to work and to workout. See my review of the Lululemon Flow and Go Tote here. That way, I don’t get my purse dirty because I just throw it on my office floor at work. And, if my lunch food somehow spills, it won’t matter because I can wash my nylon work tote! Plus, it makes things much lighter because I am only carrying what I need for that block of time, not everything I may possibly need in the next three weeks. Use a clutch or a small crossbody bag if you plan to walk or be on your feet for an extended period of time. Clean out your purse, your body will thank you. You’ll feel better too! Organization makes some of us calm… 

For more reading on fashion trends that are hazardous to our health, see this article from Health  Check out petitelefant’s weekly purse party.  It can become an obsession, make sure you remember to clean out your purse after you peruse the weekly offering of what is in everyone’s purses!

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