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Clay Township Historical Society Museum: Greens Fork, Indiana

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

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Greens Fork, Indiana: Clay Township Historical Museum

Greens Fork, Indiana: Clay Township Historical Museum

little IndianaClay Township Historical Society MuseumGreens Fork, Indiana

Practically skipping up to the front door, I noticed a note, “Had to go home at 4:15. If you need inside before 5 PM please call…I can be here in 5 minutes!” with extra emphasis on the five minutes. I wasted no time in calling.

Greens Fork, Indiana Museum

True to her word, Phyllis quickly arrived at this 1848 Federal-style home turned museum. I thank my lucky stars that Phyllis responded. What a fun, fun lady!

She explained the pieces in this Wayne County museum and that it is a hub for those interested in genealogy but were we in for something when we came to the back of the museum–and entire room devoted to the old Greens Fork High School!

Green Fork High School’s last class graduated in 1962–before the schools were consolidated. Today, the once amazing school is used as a fire station. Wooden boards cover the large windows. I find it depressing but I suppose I should at least  be grateful it wasn’t torn down or ended up as an abandoned school like so many others.

Even so, many pieces from the school turned fire station are present and accounted for.

The old chalkboard from one of the rooms is here, as are a desk, typewriter, and old schoolbooks. Photos of the graduating classes grace one wall. Cases triumphantly hold gorgeous trophies from different sports. Vintage cheerleading uniforms are on display.

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Greens Fork, Indiana: Clay Township Historical Museum

Greens Fork, Indiana: Clay Township Historical Museum

There aren’t any interactive displays, no souvenir pressed penny’s. But there’s passion here. There are memories here.

There’s also a sense of urgency to preserve and to pass on the way life was in Greens Fork when you had only to open your door and head down the street to get to school.

Okay, I sound a bit like a greeting card, but this Indiana museum is working so hard on preserving the memory of life the way it was before they lost their school and their community changed forever that I am immensely impressed.

For such a small Indiana town, Greens Fork is doing an amazing job of preserving their heritage. I hope other small towns look to them for inspiration!

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Clay Township Historical Museum: Greens Fork, Indiana

Clay Township Historical Museum: Greens Fork, Indiana

The Clay Township Historical Society Museum in Greens Fork, Indiana is proof that if you build it, they will come. Because they do.

In buses, in cars, folks from around the world visit this small town museum for a look back and a remembering. For a town with barely 400 people, it is inspiring.

This is little Indiana. 

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Clay Township Historical Society Museum
19 East Pearl Street
Greens Fork, Indiana 47345

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