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Classics, Why So Pretty? {Discuss #17}

By Littlebookstar @LittleBookStar


Besides young adult, I also enjoy reading classics (no joke) and this is all because of all the English classes I have taken in high school. So last week (June 5th) I was browsing at Barnes & Noble’s Classics Collectible Edition and I was just mesmerized by all the beautiful, leather bound covers. I decided to buy like 6 of them haha. I kind of got carried away. After ordering them, I went on YouTube because I wanted to see how they really looked like. I knew that they all did not have the same height, but I didn’t care! THEY WERE ALL PRETTY. Then, I saw this one youtuber who had the Penguin’s edition of the classics and UGH, they had pretty covers as well! They have a lot of  collectible edition but these two are my favorite: Penguin’s Hardcover Classics & Penguin Drop Caps. My crazy side says COLLECT THEM ALL and the logic side of myself says TOO EXPENSIVE (unless I win the lottery which is close to impossible lol). Also, I want to collect them (at least one edition) because the beautiful covers just motivates me more to read classics (especially the long ones)! I can honestly stare at them all day #noregrets.

So here is my question for you… have you ever had that debate with yourself whether you should collect the awe-looking, hardbound classics (or any type of book/series)?

Penguin Drop Caps Deluxe Hardcover

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