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Classic Wedding Photography

By Seangannon

What is Traditional / Classic Wedding Photography

Classic Wedding Photography

When wedding photographers shot purely on film and had to manage the cost of the film itself plus processing, etc. The majority didn't shoot many candid images but concentrated on getting the more formal and group images and portraits of the bride and groom. The cost of film simply made it harder to take chances to get the natural shots that we are familiar with in more contemporary wedding photography. In addition to the formal groups, a classic wedding photographer may well have taken group shots at each table at the reception while getting everyone to look at the camera.

Many Photographers still incorporate classic images into each wedding.

Although unfashionable at the moment, there are certainly elements of classic photography that a lot of professionals still incorporate into the style now. Personally, I think it's important to get a small number of images with your close family and bridal party. These are often the images that are less desired before the wedding but have significant importance after the wedding and in the years to come. Generally people see traditional wedding photography as being quite stiff and stuffy but it doesn't have to be.

I have photographed a number of golden wedding anniversaries and the album is often displayed at the party. I love looking through the traditional images. The photographers that worked ten really understood light and how to position people and that's all without the instant feedback that we now get on the back of our modern DSLR's

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