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Clarity and Goals and the Need for Quiet

By Owlandtwine
There has been nothing quiet about our daily life lately.  We have been flying, Room on the Broom, style.  Picking up this, picking up that; dropping this, dropping that.  We are busy as a family right now and something about those words rolling off my tongue feels gritty, even though it's mostly good busy.   Busy makes me so grateful for two days next week when my children will be home with me and I have cancelled all plans to make time for us and no agenda.  Nature has been whispering its invitation to visit in my ear.  And my camera for my own pleasure; it's been weeks since I picked it up just for me.  I'm feeling needy.
I have been working: photographing families and loveThis has been my busiest year since I first began photographing others.  This has been the year that I have photographed enough to begin to see a pattern in my work; a style that I wish to continue exploring and developing.  Inspired is the first word that comes to mind.  I am learning so much more about myself as a photographer and my vision is evolving.  I can see the work I wish to create more clearly than ever before, both personally and professionally.  This feels wonderful, this new goal.  And humbling.  My plan was to wrap up this year's work and begin redesigning a new website with my new focus and feel early in the new year.  But the Universe is funny and just last week I found out I had to make some choices about designs and web-hosting and such by November 28th.  For a while I will be here less.  But I know you know how it goes.
In this moment right now, a bit of solitude.  Breathing in the quiet, grateful.

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