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City-Wide Events

By Primal Primos @PrimalPrimos

Currently very popular in the event world is using an entire city as the venue for an event. Why get stuck booking just one location when you can let your city, and all the variety it has to offer, be the location? All over the country, more and more people are taking advantage of the amazing cities around them as a resource for creating a unique and spectacular event.

Just this week, marketing giant Procter & Gamble held a city-wide promotional event in Manhattan. To promote its products, Procter & Gamble set up pop-up sampling experiences around the city and arranged for specially-designed pedicabs to help consumers get around. This was a brilliant way to use the city as a venue in and of itself, and the multiple locations used made the event dynamic and exciting.

dsc09603 1 City Wide Events

While this idea is usually used by large companies, anyone can do it! Designing a creative scavenger hunt through your city, for example, can make a personal or professional event much more exciting!

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