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Cinemagram Vs. Vine

Posted on the 28 May 2013 by Nelle @ImSoJheanelle

Social Media Showdown

We have some new apps that have been takingover our mobile devices that attempt to incorporate video shorts in our social network interaction. If you are not familiar with Cinemagram or Vine, and unsure which to download, you have come to the right blog.  I will do a comparison that might sway your decision, but keep in mind you might not have a choice based on the operating system of your mobile device.

Cinemagram vs. Vine

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I chose these two apps because they both record video and is becoming the new “it” app for social media. 

Cinemagram is fairly new in the app market; it can be found on Apple App, Google's Play Blackberry World and Windows App marketplace. However, the App is only compatible with the new wave Android powered phonesIt records four-second video and gives the user the ability to manipulate the clips just like the one in this link. In myopinion, the videos that are being uploaded are funnier and more entertaining, it allows more creativity and may even spark the next big idea. There is a demerit with this App that might cause the user to uninstall. I can safely say that the platform is not user-friendly particularly for Android. The instructions for uploading videos are not clear, I uploaded a video, and thesystem had difficulties. Hopefully in the future there will be some improvement including opening the App on a profile page rather than in Videos.
The celebrities that are using Cinemagram are Coco Rocha, Adrian Grenier, Ne-Yo, Tommy Lee and Christina Milian[1]

Cinemagram vs. Vine

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Vine is starting to make the Android, Blackberry and Windows folks jealous, because if you are #TeamiPhone or #TeamApple you absolutely cannot use this App. The user is allowed to upload only 6 seconds of video clips and post them on any social network of their choosing, although some videos might be distorted and cannot be viewed outside the authorized platforms. Social Media boss Twitter acquired this App as an extension to their network, so we might expect more development in the future. The only downfall I can immediately recognize is that this App caters to a specific user, which may be god or bad, depends on how you look at it. The celebrities that are using Vine are SnoopDogg, Kate Upton, Mac Miller, Tyra Banks andWiz Khalifah[2]
No matter which app you choose to record your memories, may your videos be fruitful and prosper.

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