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Cinema - Dad's Army

By Sue15cat
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Last weekend we went to the pictures to watch the new 'Dad's Army' film.  Lovely Hubby was in stitches for lots of it and came out of the cinema with a great big grin on his face.
It's a real slice of good old fashioned comedy with a pretty reasonable story-line thrown in for good measure.  If you want a couple of hours of light relief from all the doom and gloom of the world news at the moment I would highly recommend it.
Oh,  and whatever you do do not be one of the many that jump out of their seats and make a mad dash for the doors as soon as the ending credits start to roll.  I don't know why so many folk do that ... I used to be one of them, until one day I was stuck behind a lot of 'late sitters' and was forced to remain until the credits had nearly finished only, very surprisingly to see more of the film we had been watching come back on suddenly and the end of the story changed completely ... now I stay in my seat. 
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So stay in your seats as the credits roll for this one as a couple of minutes into them the 'blooper reel' starts, and then the cast spontaneously burst into singing the Dad's Army theme song in the back of Mr Jones's butcher's van.  The folks in the process of leaving all stood stock still on the steps and in the aisle, and people still near their seats sat  back down again,  a small spontaneous round of applause broke out as it really ended such was the feel good factor of hearing that rousing song.
Sue xx
Pictures both from Google Images

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