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Chrome’s Comeback…

By Linsibrownson @CleverSpark

When doing work on homes, it can seem like the decisions required and options are endless. One example of this problem is attempting to match finishes and materials- it can be overwhelming (and sometimes impossible) to achieve the desired appearance.

That said, a debate continue: when it comes to finishes and fixtures… brushed metal or chrome? Not too long ago, the answer for many contemporary architects and designers would have been simple: brushed stainless steel, preferably.

But lately, we’ve been seeing more polished products in kitchen and bath design, as well as in door hardware, fixture finishes and other details.

Chrome’s comeback…

Perhaps it’s the influence of recent trends in contemporary kitchen design, where high-gloss, lacquered finishes are becoming more mainstream, with modular European designs installed at higher rates and with increased influence on custom cabinetry design. For a couple beautiful examples of this aesthetic, check out Boffi or Porcelanosa.

Chrome’s comeback…

We’ve recently installed chrome fixtures and hardware in several projects, and when incorporated thoughtfully, it adds some reflectivity and interest to any space.

Chrome’s comeback…

Oh, and one more thing- don’t fear combining the two finishes- it can work well and add some sparkle to a kitchen, bathroom, what have you… So, have some fun and explore what’s out there!

Cheers, Lauren

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