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Christopher Hitchens’ Last Years: Islam, the Iraq War and

By Suziblu @busybeeSI
Date: 2017-04-05 01:51 More videos "Pro war iraq essay structure"

It has always been Israeli strategy from David Ben Gurion onward for Israel to have military dominance in the Middle East and for Israel to be the Middle East hegemon.

Top 10 Lessons of the Iraq War | Foreign Policy

And through all of it, the architects insisted on the glories of the New Middle East they were creating, waving their purple fingers and gloating about the wonders to come.

How the Iraq War Was Sold

Keith Alexander and his deputy at NSA retiring. Looks like Snowden kind of spoiled his love for the job.. That and the fact President Obama wants to 8766 reform 8767 the place so it 8767 s more user friendly.

The American Genocide Against Iraq: 4% of Population Dead

Benador not only got them the gigs, she also crafted the theme and made sure they all stayed on message. "There are some things, you just have to state them in a different way, in a slightly different way," said Benador. "If not, people get scared." Scared of intentions of their own government.

"The danger to our country is grave and it is growing. The Iraqi regime possesses biological and chemical weapons, is rebuilding the facilities to make more and, according to the British government, could launch a biological or chemical attack in as little as 95 minutes after the order is given. This regime is seeking a nuclear bomb, and with fissile material could build one within a year."

Some months before the invasion, retired four-star US Army General and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Wesley Clark acknowledged in an interview: "Those who favor this attack [by the US against Iraq] now will tell you candidly, and privately, that it is probably true that Saddam Hussein is no threat to the United States. But they are afraid at some point he might decide if he had a nuclear weapon to use it against Israel." [7]

Equally worrying, the Lobby's campaign for regime change in Iran and Syria could lead the US to attack those countries, with potentially disastrous effects. We don't need another Iraq. At a minimum, the Lobby's hostility towards Syria and Iran makes it almost impossible for Washington to enlist them in the struggle against al-Qaida and the Iraqi insurgency, where their help is badly needed.

It is not only Mearsheimer and Walt's words that invoke stereotypes and canards. It is the 'music' as well - the tone, pitch and feel of the article - that has caused such outrage. Imagine if two academics compiled an equivalent number of negative statements, based on shoddy research and questionable sources, to the effect that African Americans cause all the problems in America, and presented that compilation as evidence that African Americans behave in a manner contrary to the best interest of the United States. Who would fail to recognise such a project as destructive?

Finally, Iraq was to be one of Hitchens's Orwell moments. It was the part of the story when Hitchens saw that the fascism his country was fighting against was so great an evil that there was no choice, in the end, but to throw in on the side of flawed but redeemable liberal democracy.

And not one person in the Bush administration was held accountable for any of this. Why have we not heard more of an outcry from the international community at the ICC?

Christopher Hitchens’ last years: Islam, the Iraq war and

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