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Christmas-tree Recycling Center, Paris

By Sedulia @Sedulia

I am slightly embarrassed to admit that my Christmas tree is still up and twinkling. I haven't had time to take all the ornaments off, and as long as it's still up, why not keep it pretty? I believe in keeping Christmas till Epiphany or Twelfth Night anyway.... 

But just when I was thinking how sad it was to leave my little tree on the other side of the street, amidst the dog poop, for the éboueurs to pick up, I walked by a Recycling Point for Trees. This is new, in our neighborhood at least. Paris has not been famous for being green. I remember how horrified one of my relations-in-law was ten years ago when visiting Paris from Oregon-- roughly speaking, the Vatican City of recycling-- to find me throwing everything straight into the trash. But things are gradually getting better and this is one more step.

A block away, two young, handsome, buff policemen had parked their white motorcycles on the sidewalk and were monitoring a tricky intersection. As I watched, a motorcyclist in his late teens came roaring through and did not stop at the red light... until he saw them. Too late! "Au trottoir!"

They wouldn't let me take their picture, though, so trees it is for today.

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