Destinations Magazine

Christmas Time

By Agnes


Whether you're one of those esoteric folks who believe that time is static and we move through it or you believe we're static and time moves through us, you gotta admit it's beyond surreal that Christmas is just around the corner -- again!  

I haven't decided if I am going to get a tree this year or not. I just might. I want its magic. 

Time is mostly just some vague surreality to me, some invisible order I try to outsmart and plot my existence against. Sometimes it can stand so still it feels like some sort of sentence I'm serving and other times I can't help but wonder where it all went.

I have a friend who looks at his watch every few minutes and always needs to know what time it is. He checks and sets my clocks every time he is at my place or in my car. He likes routine and likes knowing well in advance what will happen when. Ironically, he also has a Christmas tree with lights and everything on his porch all year round. When I asked him why he doesn't take it down, he said it would be too time consuming.  

Last time I wore a watch was in first grade. It was a Christmas present from my mother. It made me feel grown up and I loved it when people asked me what time it was -- it felt like I knew something they didn't.  


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