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Christmas Snapshots

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
Overheard at Our House Christmas Eve
"I made you all presents," announced the blond twin. She wrapped special items from around the house for each of us.  She included a few coins as well.  She wrote lovely poems in each card.  The brunette twin opened her package to find her favorite joke book.  She shrieked like it was the most exciting book ever, even though she's been reading it for a year.
Overheard at Our House Christmas Morning
"See, Santa doesn't listen to parents.  He always gets us what we want," said the brunette twin after opening presents.  Santa brought the DS that she and her sister listed as their number one item in their letters to Santa.
Overheard at Mom's Christmas Afternoon
"Oh, Shari.  It's beautiful," Mom said when she opened her gift from us.  I made a quilt from Dad's shirt sleeves so he could still put his arms around her.  It was the only moment I saw her tear up the whole day. 
Overheard at Our House Christmas Evening
"This is the best Christmas ever," said the blond twin. 
You know what?  She was right.  I was worried it would be sad since both Dad and Marlene died this year, but it wasn't.  We were all together and ready to put the sadness of the past year behind us. I know New Year's Eve is the official time to start fresh, but we did our best to start fresh on Christmas. It was a really nice, relaxing, laughter-filled Christmas.

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