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Christmas Reflections

By Tamera Beardsley @tamerabeardsley
Christmas Reflections
After ChristmasI like to take time to reflecton the season
Because whether I like it or notMy Christmas's always becomea snapshot of my life season at the time.
This year I have the sumptuous luxury of timeto truly reflect.
Right off the batI know I am doing so much better this yearthan the last two years
 I am actually writing about my reflections.
And boy am I grateful for  feeling so much better!
Christmas Reflections
That being saidI still had a slow start to the Spirit of Christmas this year.
Christmas Reflections
I kept feeling like I just couldn't get therethe first week back from our travels.Until I realized
I was putting so much energy into trying to outrun my heart holes.
Holes likemissing my mother.It's the second Christmas without her.This year her departure felt so much more real.
Holes like committed to his estrangement from our family.
Even changing traditions of our family time togetherseemed to cause a hole.
Christmas Reflections
Once I realized the sources of my sadnessesI felt more empoweredto Make An Emotional Plan!
By just taking the time torealize the sourceof my sad emotions
feel theminstead of trying to franticly outrun them
I could take a deep breathand
Make an Emotional Plan.
Christmas Reflections
I literally decided to give myselftwo hourstwo days in a rowto literally feel the feelings.
To acknowledgethat sometimes Life Hurts.
It can happen to everyone at one time or another.
The Holidayscan literally bringthose feelings front and center.
The feelings need to be acknowledged and understoodto take their power away.
Christmas Reflections
So after my acknowledging timesI fully committed to refocus my intention.
To put all of my intention on the miraculous moments in my life.
I truly believewe get more ofwhat we think of most.We can chooseto grow our 'emotional fortitude'to focus on the good.
To Grow our Own Resilience.
With Focus on the big and small moments in life that create beauty depthand meaning.
Christmas Reflections
And in the intentional 
RefocusI realized the Gift that my sadness could bethis year.
Christmas Reflections
By taking time to acknowledgemy sadness  it actually Gave me Clearer Vision.
By acknowledging the painit opened up my heartto see the beauty before me.
Instead of letting my dark emotions distort my life view I used them toclarify and magnifythe beauty love and joy before me.
Christmas Reflections
It reminded menot to take anythingfor granted.
Whether it be the Holidaysor Life
Each moment with family and friendsis important.
It reminded to to hold tight those I love.To truly see themand truly appreciatethose that Want to be in my lifeand bless and send love to those who don't.
Christmas Reflections
Instead of living in the missingto remember those gonewith Love and Gratitudefor time spent together.
And in doing so
To truly SavorEnjoyand Love on those present today.
Christmas Reflections
Family Traditionsthat Changecan actuallymake room for new andVibrant Traditions!
Christmas Reflections
That being saidI am sharing some of my
magical Christmas moments.
Christmas Reflections
Like this
 precious little girl!
I remember when I found out we were going to have a grandchildI told myselfI wasn't going to turn into one of those drooling Grandparentsso taken with the child.
Well my friendsthat didn't last long.
Being a grandparentis Everythingthey say it is.
It's like watching a miracle play outbefore your own eyes!
The joy flows deep and full into your heart!
Christmas Reflections
Seeing this young family
interact togethermakes my heart swell with so much love and pride!
Christmas Reflections
 Christmas time together as a familywas everything I was hoping for!
Full of loveand exciting new family additions!
Besides darling Lenny,my brother got a brand new puppy for Christmas!
Christmas Reflections
Come Christmas MorningIt was presents and stockings with these three!
And speaking of New Traditionswe spent the morning playing Vertellis!It is a card game with the purpose of having "Less small talkMore genuine conversation"
Christmas Reflections
Not only did we all learn more about each otherit was the perfect gameto set
the New Year!
Spending time with my adult children
realizing even more
how remarkable they are
was a precious gift in it's self!
I can honestly saythis new Christmas activitywas one of my very favorite parts of the seasonand I will definitely be making insightful games like
into New Family Traditions!
Christmas Reflections
Thank you for visiting here and Reading.
Taking the time to Reflectand Writeand Share
has been so cathartic for me today.
Christmas Reflections
It has been a year and a halfsince I have written with an open heart.
I am not  completely sure why.
Sometimes I think after the really hard timesI might have been afraidit I opened my heartthe pain would return.
But with thatI realize now
to be afraid of pain

one blocks the incoming joy as well.
Christmas Reflections
I am realizing as I write today
Emotional Healthhas the same needs and dedicationas physical health.

There needs to be A PlanThere needs to be daily workoutsand intentional goals.
There are no aha momentsthat take the place of living an intentional life.Each day needs intentional choice.
What you put in your heart and mind makes a differencein the same waybad food in your body does.
Sometimes we need to learn lessonsagain and again.

I am gratefulfor the opportunity

Christmas Reflections

As always my friends
I wish you love and joyas you style your life

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