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Christmas in Amsterdam: Where to Eat.

By Amsterdam City Tours

Every family, not to mention every community, nationality, and religious denomination that celebrates Christmas does so in their own unique way. Nevertheless, the one defining characteristic of every Christmas celebration is the food involved. Not all Christmas food traditions are as strict and set in stone as the traditional Anglo-Saxon traditional turkey dinner (delicious and food coma-inducing as it may be). Nevertheless, the one constant that anyone anywhere can expect from Christmas is a delicious meal. However, that delicious meal can be hard to come by if you're spending Christmas in a foreign country.

Like most countries, the Netherlands does come to a bit of a stand still at Christmas. Traditionally, many restaurants and cafes close on Christmas day, as most spend Christmas lunch/dinner with their friends and family. Many still do, but more and more people, both native and expat, prefer to eat a Christmas meal outside of the confines of their homes. To aid you in your search for a delicious Christmas meal in Amsterdam, here is a list of some of the finest dining available.

  • The French-themed Bistrot Neuf along with being regularly open every day of the week is remaining open 24th-26th of December. On Christmas day they are serving some gourmet favorites including whole lobster, goat cheese ravioli, partridge with champagne sauerkraut, Beef Wellington, and much, much more.
  • Restaurant Worst brings you lunch and a movie showing. Beginning 12:45pm, they are setting up a buffet-style communal table that will begin with snacks and end with wild boar. After lunch, the organizers will be screening "Babette's Feast" which is not included in the meal price, but you are welcome to stay for an additional fee.
  • The immensely popular pop-up restaurant lovefood will be open on Christmas Day from 14:00-17:00 and serving a (roasted organic) turkey dinner.
  •  If you fancy a gourmet take on Christmas, the popular College Hotel and Dylan Hotel restaurants are both open on Christmas Day. They also have the bonus of offering luxurious accommodation (obviously, since they are hotels) which is ideal if you are coming from outside the city.
  • Go on a boat cruise! Amsterdam City Tours offers a variety of awesome dinner boat cruises that will be running on Christmas Day.
Anybody else wishing you were sitting down to a Christmas meal right now?!

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