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Christmas Decor

By Tamera Beardsley @tamerabeardsley
Christmas DecorMy Christmas decorating is in place!It has been a busy week herewith trips to storageand editing boxesand tweaking detailsand
layering everything inbut I am now finished!
Christmas DecorOur house is quite smalland openso I make sure all of the rooms flow togetherin concept and in colors.
For the dining areaI pulled out my vintage serapeI love not only the colorbut the texture as well.
For the centerpieceI began with my trusty crateonce againmixing  some
miniature lemon cyprus treescups of cranberriesartichokesand vintage silver candle holders.
Christmas DecorI am loving the mixture oftextures and colorswith the  natural elements.
Christmas DecorChristmas DecorOn the dining room wallI created a mixed media Christmas art instalationusing vintage and antique pieces I have collected over the years.
Christmas DecorChristmas DecorI added fresh carnations to the petite hanging chandelieras well as fresh greensto finish off  the composition.
Christmas DecorMy tree always takes two full days to install.
Every year I say I'm just going to do simple lightsthen after a couple of days ...wellmaybe I'll just put on my garland
and some large ornaments
and one of my ornament collections.
This year I used all of our Radko collectionas well as working in some of my childhoodvintage dolls.
Since I went that farI just had to finish the tree offwithberry and glitter garnishes.
So as happens every yearIt took two days to finishand 
as happensevery year
I absolutelyLove the tree!
Christmas DecorChristmas DecorChristmas DecorChristmas DecorTo finish the living room I pulled out all of my felt pillowsand a wool runner.
I made a big tray ofcandles and cranberries.
My huge chalk board got a fresh coat of paintand I hung my wooden antique Santa on top.
The carols are playingI'm getting ready to make a fire in the fire placeand I'm settling intoa weekend of Holiday Cheer!
Christmas DecorAs always mu friends
I wish you love and joyas you style your lifeand celebrate your seasons

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