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Christianity is Not Slavery

By Miss Cellaneous @MsCellaneousBl
Lately, I am seeing more and more atheists, agnostics, and supposed Christians that don't act like they are. This has come as a shock to me, because I had never seen any of those in my entire life. Either I knew that the people around me were all Christians, or I didn't know anything about their faith at all and, in my ignorance, assumed that they were Christian because I didn't see them do anything bad. But now that I have seen reality, I feel it is my duty to do something about it.
One of the things I have seen recently is as obtuse as you can get. In my computer class, we have been using  this touch-typing website disguised as a game site. If you get a good score on one of the games on the site, they offer to put your score on the leaderboard. It prompts you to create a username to identify you with. One of the usernames I saw on the leaderboard of my favorite game was "IAmNotASlaveToAGodThatDoesntExist".
Yeah, I have some problems with that. I have a theory about who this was, because I have overheard the conversation between a girl, and a boy who argues with her over all her claims of her faith. I can't be sure though, since it's on a public website.
My first argument: God does exist. If God didn't exist, then how are we here? You might come back with the "Big Bang Theory", but something had to have caused that explosion, too. Plus, how could all of the beauty of this world occur by chance? For this point, I'll use a illustration from a devotion book I read: try writing one letter of the alphabet on its own slip of paper. Put the slips of paper into a bucket, shake it up, and then dump the contents of the floor. Do the slips of paper come out in the exact order of the alphabet? No.
If what we know as the alphabet, in its exact order, can't be created again by complete chance, then how can what we know as the world and the way it works be created by chance?
Another point: go outside on a fall day. You feel something on your cheek. It also seems to be moving through the trees. You know this to be wind. How? You can't see wind. How do you know it exists? If you know that wind exists without seeing it, then why can't you believe that God exists even though He is invisible?
My last point: Christianity is not slavery. Slavery implies doing physical labor or something for one person, without getting anything in return. This was believed as unfair and was abolished in our country. But Christianity isn't forced lifestyle. People often see Christianity as having a list of do's and don't's to follow, and that's why they're often turned off, but that's not what Christianity is about at all! Christianity is coming to realize that a man, Jesus, gave up His life to save your own, loving Him for it, and you give up certain things and take on others because you feel you need to repay Him, or make Him pleased with you. 
On another hand, Christianity isn't without reward. If we follow Christ, believe in Him and love Him with all our hearts, one day when we die, we get to go to a beautiful kingdom where God has built a mansion for you to live in for eternity, and he lives in a castle, where He is King on the throne, with Jesus at His right hand. There is no sadness, sickness, or worry.
When you take all of this into account, what do you think of Christianity now?

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