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By Loveandgrace @loveandgrace20

First let me say give a huge shout out to all of my new subscribers!  Over the last few weeks sixty-five of you have become new subscribers!  This is big time for “Love and Grace”.  Lol… I am over here doing my happy dance and shouting out a big hallelujah to Jesus!  Thank you so much!

In this week’s post I need your help…

I recently found an excellent Christian single mom blog.  Soon I will be featuring it and others on the resource page.

Until then, I want to know, are you a single mom? Single Mom blog

Are there niche sites for single moms that have been a blessing to you?  Help me gather the top sites for Christian single mommies to be featured right here on Love and Grace Media!

Being a single mother is not an experience I can add to my resume.  Yet many of my readers are single parents and I want to provide something special just for you.  I can only imagine the complexities of raising children in a single parent household, so I wanted to provide resources that will bless you on this singles journey.

For single women without children, we get to focus on ourselves and make our lives first priority.  This is not so for the single mother.  My mother was a single parent and I recall her highs and lows.  The bottom line is the need of a mother’s child becomes priority.

This makes it very difficult for the single mother to take time out and address the needs and desires of her heart.  But she must find the opportunity to do so and with God’s love and grace she can.

So if you are a single mom (or dad who just happen to stumble to the site Wink), I would love to hear from you!

  • What challenges do you face as a Christian single parent and how do you overcome them?
  • When the single life gets tough, where do you find your strength?
  • What are your attitudes towards dating and courtship?
  • Do you have your own blog?  Please share!  Leave a link to your single mom blog in the comments.

Leave your answers, questions, or comments below!  With enough participation I know we can work together to find divine inspiration, solutions, and paths to contentment.

“Prior to venturing into motherhood, you were an independent person and no one really depends on you. You have no other priority other than yourself. You were just a typical woman. Then came your child and it changed the whole picture. You are not just a woman. You are a mother. Whether married or single, you are brought to a whole new phase in your life; you are a mother. You are a new being. Embrace it. Feel it. Love it-without caring about your relationship status.” –

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