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Christian Living Inspiration from the Plumbline

By Loveandgrace @loveandgrace20

Let me make a formal introduction to our Love and Grace readers!  

I recently embarked on a new blog called “The Plumbline”, a component of my new site, Plumbline Books.  

I wanted to share this particular post with you because above our relationship status, our status in Christ is most important.  Often we think we are walking the narrow and right path.  But it is good, to measure our faith and devotion toward God.  

Hence, the name “Plumbline” (Amos 7:8).  

This post highlights the necessity to practice compassion, grace, and forgiveness in this Christian walk.  It is short and sweet but highlights the heart of Christianity.

The Heart of Christianity: Forgiveness, Compassion, and Grace

Love Grace Compassion PlumbllineThe heart of Christianity is Jesus Christ.  Followers of Christ (Christians) receive many invaluable treasures from Him.  Among them are grace, compassion, and forgiveness.

We are saved by His grace through faith and it is a gift of God.  His offer of forgiveness and compassion attracted our sin-shackled souls that longed for spiritual peace within.

Yet after our receipt of gifted liberty and undeserved grace, some Christians lose sight of the heart of their own faith.  They refuse to share the treasures given to them, reflecting only the cruel, callus, and unforgiving nature of their carnality.

To what degree did God forgive?  What is the measure of His compassion for us?  Is the quantity of God’s grace as narrow as a brook or as deep as the vast oceans?

Most Christians would answer that one cannot measure the products of Christ’s love.

As servants of the only wise, true, and living God we are called to be ambassadors.  How well do we represent the heart of Christianity?  Does the atheist outperform our compassion, forgiveness, and grace?

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Here’s to a new blog and new beginnings!!! Pray with me!

-C. L. Evans


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