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Chris Tavener

Posted on the 02 June 2016 by Mike Lindley @fruitbatwalton

i'm sorrdy bi'm drunnk cover art
Ralph's never averse to a bit of quirkyness and young Manchester based singer songwriter Chris Tavener has imbued his new EP i'm sorrdy b'im drunnk with no small amount of it. If you're old enough remember the unique stylings of the inimitable Jake Thackry you'll understand...no? Just me then.
It's four tracks of lyrically clever musical goodness that's a delight to listen to. Kicking off with the single release from the EP Super Cool Sadie with it's satirical look at unrequited love and it's a lyrical hoot.

Chris Tavener
Likewise Chris Tavener gives folky hat tip to the young lovers of today, Modern Romance (She's So Drunk) is as cleverly written and incisive as it is listenable.
Next up Apocalypse Prediction is a short, sharp and highly amusing Americana-esque look at the end of the world.
Chris Tavener
He finishes off with some cynical skiffle-like fun in the shape of Boy I'm Better Than You which is getting a spin on Ralph's Radio KC Indie Show this Sunday (5th June) from 5-7pm. Tune in for a lyrical treat from Chris Tavener, you won't be sorry! Failing that just download the EP from christavener.bandcamp.com
and listen at your leisure.

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