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Chris's Report from the Garden

By Chelseajmartin

This came to me via text- made me laugh, so I thought I’d share.

Soooo… Stormy an I went for a walk out back and found a nice apple, which I shared with her. We went in the outdoor garden and looked around. There are a couple few things in there still. I saw some green peppers. They’re really small. And some peppers that look like super chillys. Also some small peppers that were green yellow and orange.  The tag said sweet orange peppers.. yum!  Wait no!  Hot. Hmm HOT!  Oh the other tag says habanero.  Spit spit spit…. they are hot but not too too hot. It was orange so probably not fully developed yet. Needless to say my mouth and lips are still warm an my nose is running a bit.  Good times in the garden!

For the record, Stormy is our black lab. She will eat just about EVERYTHING.

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