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Chris Brown: Bad Publicity Or Never Reformed?

By Red Hot News @buttrfly7740
In 2005, here comes a kid busting out with a single that hits number two on the billboard charts. Everyone was singing and dancing to "Run It!".  I can still bust it out in song for you right now if you ask me to.  In 2007, he also dabbled in a little TV , showing up here and there in special appearances.  Then he was in the movie "Stomp the Yard."  He opened for Beyonce, toured with Ne-Yo, things were looking up for this kid.  He was 16-17 at the time.  Let's fast forward to the time we all know about, the night before the Grammy Awards in 2009 where he beat Rihanna so badly that her eyes couldn't even open.  Ever since this night, Chris Brown has been blowing up the celebrity gossip sites along with huffington post, CNN, etc.  Every site wants a bite and a front row seat to the Chris Brown show.  Or shall I say the Chris Brown shit show.
He was accused of fudging his community service hours, Rihanna was sitting in the seats behind him in court to support him.  People got all up in arms about a neck tattoo that people say resembled a battered Rihanna, at this time they weren't together, it's hard to keep up with these on-again off-again love birds.  The public thought his career would be over because of all this.  He showed them wrong and kept making great music.  People became divided because just like me I don't like the man at all whatsoever, but I love his music.  I'd love to say I'm going to ban his music because of my personal feelings toward him as a human being, but that man makes good shit that cannot be denied and you cannot help but get up and dance.
Things calmed down, both SEEMED to move on, a little at least.  Then there was the HUGE altercation with Drake.  Drake, who has said Rihanna broke his heart, and Chris were in WIP and it got nasty.  Bottles were thrown, punches were thrown, the nightclub was trashed, and even the patrons not involved with either party were hurt in the scuffle. Drake and Chris pointed fingers at each other who started it, they dissed each other on twitter and any other social media outlet.  Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs had to have surgery because of glass in his eye as he was a spectator in all this mess. People were starting to see the man Chris Brown really is, even though we thought we knew who he was from the incident in 2009, his PR team did pretty good with the sappy I'm sorry stories all over TV and the magazines.  No one knew that this was just the beginning.  It seems like it never ends for this man.  He has some serious anger issues.
This year alone has been full of Chris Brown incidents.  I don't even live in California and I'm afraid of running into him in a parking lot because you know how he loves his parking spaces.  Just ask Frank Ocean, who had an altercation in a recording studio parking lot with Chris.  Ocean was allegedly parked in Chris' spot so Chris did what any normal person would right?  He punched Frank in the face, told him he was going to shoot him, and one of Chris' entourage called him a homophobic slur.
Now Chris is having hit and run problems along with verbally assaulting the victim with such phrases as "Who do you think you are, Bitch?!".  He is also being accused of assaulting another woman in a VIP section of Heat Ultra Lounge, where he was performing that night.  He allegedly shoved her to the ground so hard on her knees that she has torn ligaments. In this specific story I would like you to read my friends' take.  She wrote a whole story about it and I think it's great.  Although Chris is an ass, has a loud mouth, and can't keep his hands to himself, this particular story is just a little fishy and Elle details it so Elle-Lo-Quently. http://elleloquent1.blogspot.com/2013/06/can-chris-brown-ever-redeem-himself.html 
I don't know about you, but I'm sick of hearing about him all of the time.  I know I'm not helping by writing this, but why the hell can't this man get his shit together?  He has more money, success, and talent than any one person could ever hope to have.  Yet he keeps fucking it up!  It's the same old story of self sabotage.  Something is going on and it needs to be addressed.  He obviously needs therapy, and that's not a bad thing, but you know he would never do that.  He's a hard ass, he beats up women and men, he threatens to shoot you, he's real gangsta.  I think that hard ass shit is all bogus.  He's all bark and no bite.  He's a scared little boy with a fucked up head trying to resolve his problems through his fists.  I wish I had a crystal ball to show him what's in his future.  Right now he's still making hits.  Right now he's relevant.  He's going to fuck all that up big time and once he goes to jail for a couple years and everyone forgets about him, he'll only be remembered for one thing:
Chris Brown:  Bad Publicity or Never Reformed?Peace, love, and butterflies....
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