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Chopping and Freezing

By Sue15cat
Chopping and Freezing
I've been busy this week pulling off the huge courgettes that are trying to pass themselves off as marrows.  Simply chopping them up and open freezing them means I can preserve their goodness for adding to soups and stews all through the depths of Winter.
Making the most of what we have, preserving it for leaner times ahead feels so right at the moment.  As the growing season winds down a notch and plants ripen their last few fruits I feel duty bound to make the most of what I find each day.
Chopping and Freezing
And the thought of luscious bowls of homemade soup fills the growing need in me for simple food, grown well, cooked well and eaten when needed.  
With our Challenge looming only four months away, the fuller I can get the freezer with all the homegrown goodies from the tunnels and the veggie patch the easier things will be through the lean hungry gap of January to May next year, and the more money I will be able to save for later in the year when bought in stores start to tun down.  I still need to think of a name for this Challenge, I tried to think about it the other night lying in bed, but as usual I fell asleep much too quickly, this squirreling away and preserving is pretty tiring work  :-)
Sue xx

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