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Chocolate Mousse Cake (Mousse Without Egg)

By Vivianpangkitchen @vivianpangkitch
Chocolate Mousse Cake (Mousse without Egg)
This chocolate mousse cake is similar with early post. For this version I would say is easier as no egg is added. But the only problem is the cake can’t stay at room temperature for too long as the mousse filling and topping are easy to melt. Nevertheless the cake is great! Is great for special occasion :)
Chocolate Mousse Cake (Mousse without Egg)
Chocolate Mousse Cake 巧克力慕斯蛋糕(无蛋慕斯)Part I: Cocoa Sponge Cake
4 yolks
20g sugar
60g vegetable oil
60ml water (can replace with milk)
(B)70g cake flour
20g cocoa powder
(C)4 whites
40g sugar
10g cornflour
¼ teaspoon white vinegar (or lemon juice)
Methods:1. Whisk yolks and sugar till well combine. Add in vegetable oil and water. Mix well.
2. Sift in the flour and cocoa powder. Whisk to combine.
3. Mix sugar and cornflour in a small bowl. Set aside.
4. In another bowl beat the whites till foamy. Add in ½ portion of the sugar cornflour mixture and vinegar. Beat till glossy. Add in the rest of sugar mixture. Continue beat till stiff form.
5. Spoon 1/3 of the stiff whites into yolks batter. Fold to combine. Pour the yolk mixture into the remaining whites bowl. Fold till well combine.
6. Pour into 8-inch round pan with removable bottom (do not line with paper and do not use non-stick pan). Bake at 130C for 35 minutes. Increase the temperature to 150C and bake further 25 minutes.
7. Once cooked remove from oven. Immediately invert and leave to cool. When cake is cool, remove from mold.  Divide the cake into 2 layers and is ready to be used.
Part II: Chocolate Mousse LayerIngredients:
200g dairy cream
150g cooking chocolate (Belgium chocolate)
Method:1. In a mixing bowl, whip the dairy cream until peak form (not too stiff) and keep inside fridge for later used.
2. With double boiler method, melt the chocolate. Set aside to cool slightly
3. Remove the whipped cream from fridge. Fold in the melted chocolate and mix well. Keep in fridge for later use. (to be divided into 2 portions)
Part III: ~Assemble the mousse cake (use 8-inch loose base round pan)1. Place the 1st layer of chocolate sponge cake inside the prepared pan. Pour one portion of mousse on top.
2. Place 2nd layer of cake and gently press to secure with the mousse layer. Pour remaining mousse on top. Keep the cake inside fridge at least 4 hours or overnight to set.
~Chocolate ganache
50g dairy cream
50g cooking chocolate (Belgium chocolate)
~Some shredded chocolate and almond nibs for topping
Method:1. Add dairy cream and chocolate into a heat proof bowl. With double boiler method, melt the chocolate. Once most of the chocolate melted remove from heat and continue stir till form smooth paste. Set aside.

2. Remove the mousse cake from pan (Part II). Pour the top with chocolate ganache. Keep in fridge to set (about an hour). Decorate with shredded chocolate and almond nibs on top. Enjoy!

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