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Chocolate Kaju Nan Khatai

By Tejal Hewitt @Tejal_x

Wondering what Kaju Nan Khatai is? Well Kaju means Cashews – so yes Chocolate Cashew Biscuits! Something slightly different then the original traditional Nan Khatai!IMG_3662

My lovely friend at work Jig got me into the Diwali spirit last week! She had made a variation of Nan Khatia – which made me wonder and the into a monster of thinking how can I make indian Diwali sweets with a twist! So here is another creation!

100ml Ghee
100g Self raising flour
100g Fine Semolina
100g Gram Flour ( Chana Flour)
100g Golden Caster Sugar
50g Ground Cashews
3 Tbsp Cocoa


In a large bowl add the self-raising flour, semolina, gram flour, sugar, cashews and cocoa.


Add in the melted ghee


Mix all the ghee into the flour mixture, its best done using your hands.


Taking a little dough, shape into a circular flat ball, and you can decorate if you want. I decorated with a smartie and some chocolate sprinkles.


Bake in the oven at 180c for 15-18 minutes then allow to cool.


Store in at room temperature in an air tight container.


Be careful – as these little guys are very moorish!


Great yummy Diwali treat for both grown ups and kids!



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