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Chocolate Jazz Fundraiser

Posted on the 13 May 2011 by Mregina @justfundraising

Jazz_Trumpet_David_Wells creates chocolate fundraiser

I loooove this idea! It’s got everything for a good time. You’ve got great live music, good food and fundraising. How can this NOT work!

Jazz trumpeteer David Wells has combined his playing with chocolate. Before you go getting all “flash-dancey” with this idea it’s done is a classier way.

The idea of blending chocolate and jazz actually came about several years ago when Wells did a concert near Toronto that wasn’t a fundraiser. There were chocolate desserts and a chocolate fountain, and Wells and his band played in the background.

He liked the idea so much he formulated a concept where the concerts could be packaged and offered to non-profit organizations as fundraisers, with proceeds from ticket sales going to the non-profit organization. Wells said the more tickets an organization sells, the more money it makes. In three years, Chocolate Jazz has organized 100 fundraisers, raising $250,000 for the non-profit organizations.

“We just became a non-profit organization for the state of West Virginia, and we are waiting for our (tax-exempt) approval nationally,” Wells said, adding at that point, the organization could seek grants to help pay for advertising and television time.

As it is, word has gotten out pretty well, thanks to Wells’ online radio show, “Chocolate Jazz with David Wells and Friends” (

Along with performing at benefits and helping to raise funds, Wells goes into schools, performs and talks to students about perseverance and the life of a musician.

“With the Chocolate Jazz Foundation, we do a lot of work with schools,” he said. “When budgets get tight, arts programs are the first to go. That’s all arts, but especially music.”

This is such a strong idea for jazz musicians out there looking to play more venues and getting more press, while fundraising causes in the area can put on a unique and classy event. Win – Win.

You can check out David’s website here for info on bookings and cd’s.

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