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Chinese Swimming Pools, The Most Crowded In The World

By Gerard @presurfer
Chinese Swimming Pools, The Most Crowded In The Worldimage credit: Danilla cc
During the peak days of summer when the heat becomes unbearable, pools in China explode into a riot of colors as thousands of people jump into it to escape the scorching heat. Public pools are so crowded that all a person can do is stand on the spot.
Some of these pools are massive. The 'Dead Sea of China' is a saltwater swimming pool located in Daying county, Sichuan province, inspired by the original Dead Sea in the Middle East. The pool covers an area of 30,000 square meters and accommodate up to 10,000 visitors at once. Another swimming pool in the Yao Stink district is able to accommodate a staggering 230,000 swimmers at one time.
(thanks Cora)

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