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Children's Funniest Sleeping Positions

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
Child Sleep Month

I am collaborating with The Bedding Company for a series of posts for their new campaign: Child Sleep Month. When you become a mother, sleep is one of the biggest issues in your life. Sleepless nights, sleepless babies, how to get them to sleep easily, longer,so on  and so forth... It is a very important subject as sleep deprivation makes everyone's difficult. I am by no means an expert but I am happy to share a couple of tips .
Neither of my children were easy sleepers as when they were babies so I used to spend a long time to rock them and to sing lullabies. Defne took ages to fall asleep but once she did, she used to sleep for a good one or one and a half hour. On the other hand Derin slept quickly but he would wake up every 30 or 40 minutes, not giving me time to get anything done.
As we coslept with both children, I regularly woke up with a baby sleeping on top of my head, around my neck, with arms and legs on me. It was always so sweet having them near us.
One of the funniest sleeping positions we experienced with Derin was hillarious. When he was about seven months old, we went on a vacation. One day he fell asleep in the sea.
Obviously we had missed his signs of tiredness and he was desperate for a nap. It was such a  funny moment.
Children's Funniest Sleeping Positions
I have asked a couple of my blogging friends if their children sleep in funny positions:
My nearly 4 year old will drape his body across my face sometimes when he snuggles up in bed with us. It is slightly uncomfortable." (Jeanette who blogs at Artchoo) "Oh my, I have so ones come to mind, my daughter fell asleep with a laundry basket over her head. She was pretending she was in the zoo. (I have a picture too, as I found her like this when I came to tuck her in before I went to bed.) She has also fallen asleep with a baby bassinet in her bed with her dolls and baby bottles and covered in with a blanket, it was so big she was hanging half off the bed, but later on woke up screaming as she didn't know what was in her bed." Christine who blogs at Scribble Doodle and Draw  My friend Tricia over at Critters and Crayons shares her how their sleeping positions. if you co-sleep, leave you a sliver of bed. You can read her post here.
Do your kids sleep in funny positions? Please share in the comments.
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