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Child Rearing on $1 a Day

By Dmroughton
I recently received a whopping $28.84 in child support. I was pondering what to do for my son with such a massive contribution, and I figured I would kick in an extra $1.16 to round up to an even $30 to make the math easier.
I have compiled the list below of what that could conceivably purchase. My son needs to remember he can pick only one item off the list. Anything else is over budget. He can always make a different choice next month.
  • Connor likes to see at night and have power to run luxury items like the fridge and the stove. Air conditioning is also nice in the summer. So for $30, he could have roughly 6 days of electricity.
  • He also like to be able to go the bathroom, take showers, and have drinking water for himself and his puppy. So he could choose to have water for the entire month.
  • Connor does have a bad habit of eating food. So he might choose to have lunch in the cafeteria at school as his only meal. He could do this for 3 weeks out of each month.
  • Child Rearing on $1 a Day
  • If he prefers to eat multiple meals a day (he is sooooo greedy like that), then he could have Ramen Noodles 3 times a day and have enough left over to buy 3 gallons of milk for the month.
  • If clothing is his vice, he could wear one shoe. Or he could choose to go barefooted and buy one outfit from Wal-Mart. Of course, he would have to wear it everyday, and there would be no water to wash it.
  • He might choose instead to have his prescription medication for 25 days out of the month. The other 5 days of health are overrated anyway.
  • He could buy his puppy two bags of dog food. Then again, we could save the dog food money, and he could just have Sweet and Sour Puppy one night instead of the Ramen noodles.
Whatever Connor picks for this month, I'm sure he will make the best decision possible with his $1 a day.
By the way, has anybody got Sally Struthers' number?

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