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Child of Light Patch Will Rename Difficulties to “casual” and “expert”

Posted on the 02 May 2014 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
Child of Light patch will rename difficulties to “casual” and “expert”
Child of Light is going to be patched to make its difficulty system more relatable.
It sounds like Ubisoft Montreal has received plenty of feedback regarding the difficulty levels in the game, because writer Jeffrey Yohalem told Joystiq the current difficulty names aren’t representative.
“In a patch that’s coming up, we’re changing the names to ‘casual’ and ‘expert’. This has been an issue, obviously, that some people have had, and I think that the word ‘normal’ is a misrepresentation,” he said.
“Or, rather, implying that there’s one way to play that’s normal is, I think, too strong.”
Replacing “normal”, “casual” is “for people that want to experience the world and experience the adventure without having hard combat”, Yohalem said, while “expert” takes the place of “hard” and “is for people who love RPGs and who want to really have a challenge”.

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