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Child Abuse? Mum Forces Her 5 Year Old TO Wax Her Eyebrows

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Not my eye brows, don’t tear it” the devastating screams by a 5 year old child. While the mother offers a large bag of sweets as a reward if she lays back and has her eyebrows waxed?

Has the world gone mad? Or just this mother?

The young child clearly does not want her eyebrows waxed and the mom happily explains this is due to a past experience when skin was torn by doing this.

The child is showing clear signs of being distressed, trying to shield her eyes and standing up from the chair.

Is this child abuse?

All for the sake of beauty and winning pageants, the mother states she would just hold her down and whip it off?

Does a 5 year old need her eyebrows waxing at all? This is not removing a spelk from a finger for fear of it becoming infected. This is for vanity and all the mothers wishes not the child’s.

What do you think? A mom who forces 5 year old to have eyebrows waxed is commuting child abuse? Leave me a comment to let me know your views.

This post is a debate corner post by The Real Supermum

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