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By Soyconfessions @nerdie
But there's time to learn, and room to grow. And there are mentors all around you, if you look close enough.
CHILD CHILD CHILD We are more than vessels traveling in infinite space.
We are following our predetermined fate.
Do you believe that your life has already been decided for you?
Though not by a god, or any deity.
There is no God. There is no external deity, except for the Divine that you can achieve through creation and imagination.
CHILD But from the moment you were conceived, there was a reason for everything that has happened.
This reason came from the universe -- the collision of atoms that make up living cells -- and within you.
You are a child of the universe.

You are the universe.

CHILD And when you end your journey, I hope we've given back to it during our lifetimes.
Photography by Noah Ferguson Styling, Makeup, and Photo Editing by Sunny Chen
Special thanks to the spirits dwelling in Mountain View Cemetery for letting us shoot in their home.

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