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Chicks Dig Countless Screaming Argonauts

By Jhop
Chicks Dig Countless Screaming ArgonautsSo last week I mentioned my good friend The Fabulous Penguin, who is also known on the street as T.Fab.P.  He is one of my fave people to discuss baseball with, but more importantly, he is the commissioner of our league and introduced me to the wonder that is fantasy baseball.  I am indebted for life.  He is also one of brilliant guys behind Countless Screaming Argonauts, a super entertaining podcast hosted on multiple platforms, including iTunes.  They discuss everything from politics to sports with the specific goal of “pointing out the idiocy of the world, one idiot at a time.”  Seriously, that is what their blog says – and it is sort of why I love them.
Chicks Dig Countless Screaming ArgonautsGenerally speaking, I am not a huge fan of podcasts.  But Countless Screaming Argonauts is different. What started as a center for anti-Bush rants has evolved into a more moderate and often hilarious program that includes debates, sports talk, and interviews.  In fact, just last week, I joined the guys to discuss everything from the World Trade Center to Osama Bin Laden to New York to Twitter.  They asked me to come back for immigration law, I suggested baseball – a win-win all-around. 
T.Fab.P hosts the show along with Maqz, a hilarious liberal firecracker. In addition to many other friends and characters, they are often joined by Manhattan Man, Denali the gay psychic, or Joshua the Irish immigrant who may or may not have his green card.  I’ve offered to help him with that problem.
Chicks Dig Countless Screaming ArgonautsThe podcast began at the Northampton Brewery in October 2007.  T.Fab.P and Maqz shared four-beer samplers, happily babbling about their mutual love for other podcasts like Total Talk Nonsense, some show that I should apparently listen to, before a “They Might Be Giants” concert.  A few hours later, a podcast was born. Tellingly, “Countless Screaming Argonauts” comes from a lyric in the song “Birdhouse in your soul,” by They Might Be Giants.  The guys have a clear respect for their intelligent and witty lyrics.  They use words like “charming” and “silly” to describe the band’s songs – which is very much like the CSA podcast itself. 
Simply put, these are a group of guys you’d like to share a beer with – but at the very least, you get to listen to them banter as they drink beer with each other.  Again, it is a win-win all-around.  Check it out and let me know what you think.
Have a great Tuesday; it is the crack of dawn and I am off to court. 

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