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Chic Camping in Amsterdam, Anyone?

By Amsterdam City Tours
Loimere / Flickr Creative Commons

Loimere / Flickr Creative Commons

Love it or hate it, camping is anything but chic.

That is, until now.

Thanks to Dutch designers Annette van Driel and Francis Nijenhuis, you can camp in style right in Amsterdam's Vliegenbos.

But we're not talking any old kind of camping here. We're talking about camping in art installations.

All accommodation units are mobile and offer all the amenities you'd expect at a campsite (hammocks, picnic areas, designated areas for campfires).

And those you wouldn't (shower, wood-burning sauna, laundry, shop, restaurant, reception desk, temporary photography exhibitions, sculpture garden).

Urban Campsite Amsterdam is a place where "camping and art come together."

Guests can stay in any one of the 15 mobile units, complete with comfy bed, made and ready for you when you arrive. The rooms themselves are also shrines to contemporary art.

For instance, if you've ever fancied the idea of spending the night in an overgrown purple sperm, the unit known as Darwin is a must.

Looking for something more along the lines of a caravan? Your best bets are Markies, which folds out to triple in size, or Caravan - caravan on the outside, garden on the inside.

If you're not terribly concerned about privacy, there's X-Ray - an entirely see-through camping unit that looks not unlike a large bubble wrap bubble.

The idea behind this installation is to provide a temporary solution for Amsterdam's desire to find a use for its wasteland.

Which leads me to the most important bit of info: Urban Campsite Amsterdam is temporary. Grab your chance to stay at any one of the 15 units between August 16 and September 30, or this is one chic camping opportunity you're going to miss.

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