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Chez Gladines

By Danielleabroad @danielleabroad
I'm fascinated by the Basque region. Mostly because it's at the intersection of French and Spanish culture, and having studied both languages, I think it'd be amazing to experience what that's like. It's also one of the few regions of France I have yet to visit. Following Lindsey's tweets from her vacation in the area reminded me of this fact... and I've never been more sure of wanting to change soon. It also reminded my that I have to share my taste of Basque cuisine with you! Chez Gladines is an experience worth sharing.
chez gladines The first thing to know: they don't take reservations. The restaurant is bustling with neighborhood locals and bobos "in the know" so expect to wait a bit. My beau and I each had a glass of rioja at the bar while they cleared our table for two, which turned out to be two narrow places facing each other at a long communal table. The ambiance was anything but romantic, yet it was a welcome change from the Parisian classic; convivial, incredibly laid back, and quite loud. We conversed with over neighbors on either side.
chez gladines And the food is cheap! By Parisian standards, at least (10-12-euros/plat). Hearty, too. We shared an appetizer of patates au jambon de pays to start (iPhone-pictured below--I would've hardly had the space to take a camera photo had I even taken it with me) which surely could have been a meal for one. I then enjoyed a humongous bowl of salad made less healthy better with fried potatoes, cheese, eggs, and lardons (bacon), while he dug into a specialty of Poulet Basquaise. Neither of us could fathom ending with dessert.
chez gladines We left satisfied in even better moods than we'd been in at the meal's beginning. Chez Gladines is just that kind of place. If you're dining in Paris on a budget (with cash to spare--they don't take credit cards), and craving a simple French meal beyond the classics we know and love, please try it for yourself. As the weather transitions from summer's heat waves into autumn's cool breezes, I know I'm hoping for round two. Fingers crossed I'll have the opportunity to enjoy the cuisine du Sud-Ouest in the region itself someday as well.

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