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Cherry Blossom in September :)

By Martinemler
Cherry Blossom in September :)

Spring! That’s a big plus in our new home. Although the weather during the day is like a roller coaster and at night really cold. I have to get used to that. It’s very cold in the morning and I will wear my winter coat when leaving the house. Usually people wearing trench coat or anorak over shorts or skirts. The sky is as radiant blue as in Tokyo with a brightness that hurts my eyes. At the mall new arrivals are easily spotted in their winter clothes. Locals are usually in summer attire and I even detected people without shoes. I asked why few people don`t wear shoes. There was no real answer. Maybe short of money or a kind of lifestyle. Well, I see every day one or two persons.

We live the first time in the southern hemisphere and winter is in July. In Tokyo Cherry Blossom is in March, here end of August to mid of September. Cool!

Our container arrived on time and we are in our new house. My bicycle is finally with me.


Hagley Park is the heart of Christchurch and lovely.

Cherry Blossom in September :)
Hagley Park Last Sunday we cycled around North Park. http://resources.ccc.govt.nz/files/cityleisure/parkswalkways/popularparks/HagleyParkMap-popularparks.pdf We were not allowed to go into the Botanic Garden with our bicycles.
Cherry Blossom in September :)
Cherry Blossom in September :)
Can you see the tiny glider on this photo? My son is in it. Since he is 2 years old he wants to be a pilot. He is so determent, nothing can stop him. He is not allowed to drive a car but he can be a glider pilot…..
Cherry Blossom in September :)


Our car arrived on 9th of August in New Zealand and got inspection on the 22. August. We received an unreadable report and at the same time the informed us that our car needs repair. Around 4,000 NZD, 5,000 NZD, 6,000 NZD or even more. Since the 22. of August we are waiting for a readable report. They try to invite us to explain us the problem but nothing in writing. Every day we have to pay for our rent a car. Allegedly our car was not probably repaired in Japan after an accident. So we contacted Japan and we will get a certificate from the car manufacturer that everything is done in order. The New Zealand website mention that a car manufacturer certificate approves the repair we are good to go.
Cherry Blossom in September :)
MEDICAL INSURANCE I went to the doctor with my little one. After viewing my hubby`s passport they told us that we have no medical insurance because the visa is only 18 months long. Medical insurance is for people with a visa over 2 years. What annoys me ist the fact that nobody told us before. They even assured us that we have medical in New Zealand. We cannot buy medical insurance in New Zealand. If we know this before we would have bought insurance in Japan. Now it`s impossible. They told us to buy travel insurance but we live in New Zealand. When we called our agent in Japan he told us that we have to be in Japan. Here in New Zealand they sell us a travel insurance but I do not trust the promises here anymore. Once we are in hospital we might get the news that this is not covered because we work in NZ and we are not traveling. When we registered at the clinic they told us with a big smile that we have no Medical Insurance. We have to pay in cash and if we still want to see the doctor?                          Of course we still wanted to see the doctor ….. In New Zealand people believe that immigrants are coming for the social benefits. Similar to the thinking in Germany or Japan. Always the same story. In Japan one official asked me if I come to Japan because of a better life. Really? I only knew two countries in the world which has better benefits than Germany. Switzerland and Sweden! Well, in Japan I line up with same Asian beauties who were entertainers
in Japan. Well, we pay in cash and my better half and I have additional hospital insurance. For the kids I have to come up with a solution. My hubby might fly to Japan and than we can buy insurance. The waiting time is two to three and a half hours. Since we do not have medical insurance, we are not allowed to register and this means we cannot get an appointment. Well, yesterday I had to bring my elder one to the 24 hour clinic, because our visits on Monday and Tuesday were not enough at the normal clinic! The reception is as friendly as the other day clinic but the waiting time was much less, we were out within an hour. Really quick and the doctor was great. Excellent. Although I prepared a blanket, pillow and hot tea for a long long waiting time! Well, today I want to sleep since my elder son is finally feeling better. He got antibiotics. Unfortunately he missed all his exams this week.

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