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Cheese Topped Frankfurters

By Mariealicerayner @MarieRynr
  photo SAM_6413_zps1a43d8f9.jpg For most of the time I was growing up Friday nights meant one thing in our family home . . . Hotdog Night!  Yes folks, every Friday night we had hotdogs for supper.  My mother made the best hotdogs in the neighborhood.   photo SAM_6414_zps4a66e9f5.jpg
She would use the buns that had soft bread sides.   She'd butter the sides and press them in a grill so that they were all buttery and toasted.   Then she would split the frankfurters almost all the way through lengthwise and grill them opened up like a book inside the same grill until they were golden brown.  photo SAM_6416_zpsacf882cb.jpg
Oh my . . . they were some good.   All the kids in the neighborhood wanted to come to our house for hotdog night, and my ex husband used to say he married me because of my mother's hotdogs!  ☺  I am sure that it was for more than that . . . but . . . we're divorced now so, meh . . .  photo SAM_6418_zps97a70327.jpg
Anyways.  I love hotdogs.  I know they are not the healthiest thing around to eat, but they are economical and they make a quick and tasty supper every now and then.   I love them plainly grilled a la childhood . . . or as chili dogs, slathered with lots of spicy chili . . . stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon, which we called whistle dogs when I was growing up . . . or as these tasty cheese topped Frankfurters!  photo SAM_6419_zpsf43757cb.jpg
You stuff the bun with some tasty mustard mayonnaise, relish as you wish, pop a frankfurter in, slather the top with an almost cheese rarebit type of filling and then bake them in a hot oven for about 15 minutes and . . . presto chango . . . Bob's your Uncle!   photo SAM_6422_zps1e8fe03e.jpg
Dinner is served.  These are easy to dress up or down, as you wish.  I like mine a bit on the saucy side so I like a bit of sweet chili sauce on mine, but to each their own! photo SAM_6412_zps98cffe72.jpg*Cheese Topped Frankfurters*Makes 8Printable RecipeA delicious and interesting way to serve a hot dog.  Economical as well!1/4 cup butter1 cup of grated strong cheddar  cheesetwo stiffly beaten egg whitesa handful of chives, finely snippedgrainy mustard mayonnaiseHot dog relish (optional)8 frankfurters8 hot dog rollsPreheat the oven to 220*C/425*F/ gas mark 7.   Split your hot dog rolls and spread the insides generously with the grainy mustard mayonnaise.   Top with relish if using.   Place a frankfurter in the center of each roll and pop them into a baking dish.  Cream together the butter and cheddar cheese.  Fold in the beaten egg whites and the chives.  Divide the mixture equally amongst the hot dogs, spreading it to cover.  Bake for 15 minutes, until golden brown.  Serve hot with some potato crisps (chips) on the side.

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