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Check Your Watch for a Better Delivery

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

When young kids start pitching, often you will see them either point their glove or lead elbow at the target before throwing.  This is commonly taught as a way to force the young player to turn sideways before throwing so that he can get more of his body into the throw/pitch when he opens the front side up.  For young players this works pretty well.

As kids get older and the distances of the throws and pitches increase, players can get a little more out of their body if they turn their front side a little bit more.  A good tip to give to players and pitchers is to have them “check their watch” after separating their hands in the delivery.  The two photos show the similarities.

Pitchers should check their watch after separating their hands

Pitchers should check their watch after separating their hands

This accomplishes two things.  1) It turns the front side a little more so that the player’s lead tricep is facing the target instead of just the glove or elbow, and 2) It brings the lead arm up higher to about the chest level which will increase their power a little as well. 

All kids know how to “check their watch” which is why it can be a good phrase to use for throwers.

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