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Check Out The Gallery! First Entry: Countdown by Yuumei

Posted on the 16 May 2013 by Ecothoughts
Recently I've come across quite a bit of art that showcases environmental issues or even just the beauty of the environment itself. A lot of these artists really deserve more recognition for their work, and since it relates to this blog, I felt the need to showcase them. Hence the creation of the gallery page. Every so often I'll make a post showcasing a piece of art, and I will also add it to the gallery collection. Feel free to comment on the post about it and share your thoughts.
First up is Countdown by Yuumei!
This piece was created by Wenqing Yan, also known as Yuumei on deviantART. She is a Practice of Art major at UC Berkeley with a focus on environmentalism and cyber activism. In her description, which can be read here, she says "Change is not waiting for the scientists and government to come up with the solution, change starts with the little things we can do everyday". This pretty much sums up the urgency of the picture and the attitude people should have when it comes to preserving the environment. I hope she gets more recognition for this, as well as her other stunning pieces of art.
Check Out The Gallery! First Entry:  Countdown by Yuumei

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