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Re-Imagine By Yuumei

Posted on the 04 August 2013 by Ecothoughts
Well hello there everybody. Long time since I last posted, right? Have no fear, that's all about to change!! I will be posting ALOT more frequently this month and I apologize for the lack of blog posts over the past little while. So, to start off, I thought I would show you another yet amazing piece by none other than Yuumei. This one is entitled "Re-Imagine" and had the following words within its description:

"I will not sitI will not lie I will take my standand show the worldmy visionof a better tomorrow"I just can't get over how vivid her works are, with the colours, detail, and imagery. This work in particular really speaks to the creativity and all of the efforts people take around the world to preserve the environment. In a way, they too are "re-imagining" what could be possible if everyone were to take a stand and make a difference. Without further ado, here is the piece! Don't forget to check out some of Yuumei's other works here!

Re-Imagine  By:  Yuumei

Re-Imagine By  Yuumei

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