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Cheap Aluminium Garden Furniture

By Matt From Sgc @MattSGC

Here are some of the common questions we get about aluminium furniture:

Does aluminium garden furniture rust?

No aluminium furniture does not rust, which is one of the reasons why the material is used for outdoor furniture. Aluminium doesn't contain any iron or steel, which are the two materials that corrode and rust.

This means that you can leave aluminium furniture outside all year round because it's weatherproof.

Does aluminium garden furniture get hot?

When left outside in direct sunlight for long periods, the arms and table edges of aluminium furniture can become hot to the touch.

It's recommended to use an umbrella to protect the furniture from direct sunlight on hot days, allowing you to make use of the furniture throughout the day.

Can you paint aluminium garden furniture?

Aluminium furniture is not easy to paint and should in most cases be avoided. If you really want to pain it, you should first start with an acid-based primer, which creates a surface that the paint can stick to more easily.

How to strip aluminium garden furniture?

You should use some form of sand paper or a sanding machine (many suppliers recommend 120-grit sandpaper). This should be done until the surface of the furniture looks dull, and any residue should be hoses off with water.

Is aluminium outdoor furniture good for schools?

This will depend on why you want to use this furniture for the outdoor area of your school. The heat issue may be a problem as it'll be hard to supervise the use of the furniture, and the lightweight nature of aluminium can result in children moving it about a lot and causing damages.

It would be a better choice to use Winawood furniture for schools, which is more robust and heavy duty.

What's the difference between aluminium and cast aluminium garden furniture?

Cast aluminium basically means solid aluminium, and therefore cast furniture tends to be much heavier and stronger than normal aluminium furniture.

This has its pros and cons depending on the way you'd like to use your patio furniture. For example non-cast sets are easily stored and usually stackable.

We have always felts that cast aluminium furniture was too expensive for the benefits you get from it, and you'd be much better buying some premium rattan furniture than cast aluminium.

What types of aluminium garden furniture do you stock?

We stock a range of aluminium garden chairs, garden tables, garden benches, and garden dining sets to choose from. These tend to be in grey.

Does your aluminium garden furniture go on sale?

Most of our items will be at their best price throughout the season, but sometimes old stock is sold off in October time. For the most part, you will be better buying asap, as we usually sell out of all popular furniture during the summer.

Do you stock wood effect aluminium garden furniture?

We don't stock this type of furniture, however for wood-effect furniture we recommend choosing Winawood instead.

Does your aluminium furniture come with UK home delivery?

Yes we delivery our aluminium garden furniture to your home in the UK, this is usually free of charge (included in the price) unless you live somewhere that requires extra charges (such as the Scottish Highlands or Northern Island).

If you add the product to the checkout and then try to purchase, after you enter your address you will see if we deliver to your area.

Do you have a more premium version of aluminium garden furniture?

Yes we stock aluminium rattan garden furniture here, which is more expensive but also much better quality and more stylish.

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