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Best Rattan Furniture

By Matt From Sgc @MattSGC

Rattan garden furniture is considered the luxurious choice when it comes to outdoor seating, and with such a wide range of styles and colours available, it's often the only type you can buy that will fit perfectly to your needs.

From extra thick cushions, to naturally giving woven seating, rattan furniture is a joy to own and host with, and you'll all be enjoying yourselves al fresco long into the night.

But how do you choose the best rattan set in 2019? Let's go over the things to focus on.

How to Shop for Rattan Garden Furniture

Now the first point is probably the most important:

Not all rattan furniture is created equal

Far from it in fact, with a lot of cheap options actually being made from inferior materials with corners cut during the manufacturing process, it's really critical to understand the type you're purchasing and how it has been made.

Materials are critical, make sure you are purchasing a set with an ALUMINIUM FRAME. This will ensure it doesn't go rusty when left outdoors. It's also more convenient to move around as it's lighter.

UV STABILIZED RATTAN is also a must. This means it has been treated so that it doesn't fade when left outside. This will allow you to leave the set outside all year round, while keeping it looking brand new for many years.

You should avoid anything with a steel frame (you will be able to tell this by the weight, steel is heavy), avoid any hard plastic that isn't woven (these tend to crack from impact), and avoid weatherproof cushions (these don't feel very nice to the touch, it's better just to store normal cushions indoors).

Now that's over, let's get into our top rattan picks for 2019:

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